The tradition of using herbs for health and beauty has a long history in the British Isles. Green & Spring have tapped into this rich legacy using the abundance of natural resources to be found locally at Cowley Manor and the surrounding British countryside, including the natural spring waters and herbs found in the grounds. Green & Spring has sourced many pure and natural ingredients indigenous to the British Isles combining them to create efficacious synergies, organic wherever possible.


Treatments & Massages

Green & Spring Back Massage - 60 mins £80 / 30 mins £45
A deep, relaxing back massage which works to give instant relief to accumulated shoulder and neck tension. Using the unique Green & Spring techniques, muscles are kneaded until pliable, nerve endings are soothed and acupressure points stimulated to affect a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Green & Spring Massage - 60 mins £80
A deeply calming body massage applied with Green & Spring unique therapeutic techniques including elements of acupressure and reflexology to release tension, balance and soothe the body.

Repair & Restore Massage - 60 mins £80
A restorative body massage to nourish and repair the body whilst restoring needed energy. A combination of deeply nourishing techniques calm and release tension, boost micro-circulation, skin elasticity and condition skin. A hand and foot massage focusing on key acupressure points further release tension and restore vital energy.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 mins £80
Feel muscular tension melt away with the deep penetrating warmth of the hot, basalt lava stones as it works on knotted muscles and releasing trapped toxins and fluid by increasing circulation. It leaves the body feeling released and is good for posture.

Therapeutic Massage - 60 mins £80
Combining a universal collection of massage techniques designed primarily to relax stubborn and persistent areas of tension. This technique is ideal for reducing both physical and emotional stress. The pressure can be varied to suit your taste and to work though knots and tension whilst stimulating essential oils and herbs increase circulation and aid relaxation.

Green & Spring Body Exfoliation - 30 mins £45
An all over body scrub using the sugar from Green & Spring’s unique exfoliating body balm to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.

Signature treatments

Green & Spring Indulgence - 90 mins £125
Green & Spring taps into nature’s rich pharmacy to indulge not only the senses but the body. It begins with a foot soak and scrub, followed by a sensuous massage with hot herbal compresses filled with lavender, oats and lemon balm to soothe, moisturise and scent the skin. The final indulgence is a rejuvenating milk and honey facial - a sumptuous, natural treat.

Repair & Restore Ritual - 90 mins £125
An enveloping ritual that works to repair body and mind. After each area is prepared, a warm herbal compress is applied and gently worked into the nerve pathways, clearing blocked energy, ensuring all ingredients are fully absorbed. Using a combination of techniques to boost micro-circulation, skin elasticity and release tension, the body is then cocooned whilst the face receives a rejuvenating massage, followed by an enriching mask to clear toxins and boost circulation.

Cloud 9 - 90 mins £110
A deeply relaxing, holistic massage which combines aromatherapy, Qi energy balancing, reflexology and acupressure leaving the whole body in a state of bliss. It works along the sensory pathways of the body using light to medium pressure to balance and nurture leaving you with an inner sense of tranquillity and indulgence.


Green & Spring Facial - 60 mins £80 / 30 mins £45
Designed to repair and rejuvenate, the facial begins with a process of intense cleansing to stimulate and increase blood supply to the skin. This is followed by an energising scrub and secondary exfoliation with the unique Green & Spring Gentle Face Refiner which scavenges dead skin cells and brightens. Soothing local honey and skin-clarifying milk are massaged into the skin with a hot, herbal compress filled with lavender, calendula and wheatgerm to heal and remove toxins. A deep, toning and nourishing face massage is given followed by application of an antioxidant face mask to help heal, nourish and repair leaving the skin glowing and youthful.

Advanced Facials by emerginC

emerginC and its organic line, Scientific Organics, are featured in all the top spas in the USA and Scandinavia. emerginC products incorporate the latest breakthroughs in skincare including peptides and stem cells, producing amazing results immediately. The patented active ingredients ensure fresh, powerful ingredients are delivered to your skin in our spa and at home, with the retail products, to ensure cumulative results. Whatever your needs are, emerginC has a treatment that works with your skin, not against it.

Glow Force Firming Facial - 60 mins £100 / 75 mins £125
Great anti-ageing treatment, our super-firm facial combines powerful vitamins, antioxidants and coenzymes with soothing botanical extracts to rapidly firm, tone, hydrate, and boost cellular turnover, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Dull and uneven skin is transformed by our Glow Force Mask that replenishes the skin alpha lipoic levels. This treatment can be enhanced with our Apple Stem Cell Peel-Off Mask for an extra anti-ageing lift and glow. Ideal for special occasions; you will take years off and look radiant for days, from the minute you walk out; so no down-time.

Anti-Ageing Apple Stem Cell Treatment - 60 mins £120 / 90 mins £145
A wonderfully effective customized treatment which combines cutting-edge plant-based stem cell technology with active vitamin C and E, natural fruit acids and a wide variety of potent botanical and marine extracts. Brightens skin, noticeably improves tone and texture, helps increase cellular turnover and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It delivers an immediate “lifting effect” through the Apple Stem Cell Peel-Off Mask, containing apple stem cells, cactus extracts and marine diatoms. Active ingredient PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica showed improvement in crow’s feet in 100% of the tested cases.

Scientific Organics Detox Facial - 60 mins £95
Purifying and great detoxer of stressed skin, this facial incorporates the latest advances in skincare, with 100% natural, 70% organic ingredients. Natural fruit acids derived from bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple help rapidly exfoliate the skin for immediate improvement in clarity and texture. Organic grape stem cells effectively fight the appearance of wrinkles; kombucha, seaweed and tea extracts nourish and hydrate, while high tech ingredients like Whitonyl combat pigmentation and even out skin tone. The base of the detox mask used is French sea clay, harvested from 60m depth and then sun dried to preserve all the 71 minerals it contains, each made more active by the sun. These minerals, like silica, are essential for good skin, while the clay draws out impurities and toxins. For incredibly radiant and healthy looking skin, fast.

Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Enzyme Brightening Facial - 30 mins £50
Combats pigmentation and sun damage quickly and effectively, this facial is a high-performance treatment which combines 100% natural (minimum 70% organic) ingredients to address ageing skin, uneven skin tone, dehydration, and breakouts. It includes a physical and enzymatic face polish with papaya, raspberry and mushroom enzymes as well as blue poppy seeds to gently but effectively remove dead skin cells and brighten skin. Cutting-edge peptides, kombucha, tea extracts, and a wide variety of natural ingredients will leave skin vibrant, hydrated and glowing.

Organic Water Lily Radiance Facial - 60 mins £100
For sensitive skin: Natural fruit acids and lactic acid gently remove dead skin cells while organic extracts of water lily, colloidal oatmeal, aloe and green tea help improve hydration and soothe redness associated with sensitive or over-processed skin. Water lily’s molecular structures are now being researched in the aeronautical industry to help water glide of airplanes easier. It does the same for your skin; a veil of water lily wax is softly laid over your face to protect it from harsh environmental factors, and its barrier is restored. Your skin is left calm, clarified, nourished and radiant!

Men’s Facial - 60 mins £95
A custom treatment made for men. Because male skin has it’s own requirements, and men have a preference for lighter products. Scented with Indian Lotus, emerginC’s men’s product line is light and fresh, but nonetheless packing all the anti-ageing peptides and active botanicals to be heavy on results. Our men’s facial consists of a two-part exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells while vitamins, minerals, peptides and botanical extracts improve tone, texture and address irritation associated with shaving, all while combating the visible signs of Ageing skin. An included hand treatment induces deeper relaxation.