Hand blended in England and certified by the Soil Association, Pinks Boutique offer incredible pregnancy treatments and products that deliver results without the use of synthetic chemicals and fragrance, toxins, parabens, GM modifications, petroleums and mineral oils. Putting the health of you and your bump at the fore, Pinks Boutique treatments are designed to maximize health and wellbeing during pregnancy and after your new arrival.

Trimester Guide
T1: Wk 1 - Wk 12
T2: Wk 13 - Wk 26
T3: Wk 27 - End of pregnancy

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Pregnancy Full Body Massage - 60 mins £80 - T2 T3
A relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage treatment with a focus on healing and body restoration. Let us nurture your body and bump using Pinks Boutique organic certified bioactive oils and balms to keep the skin supple and help prevent stretch marks with our antioxidants and essential fatty acids boost.

Pregnancy Back Massage - 30 mins £45 - T2 T3
A gentle, full back polish using crushed rosehip kernel or sweet orange salts followed by hot towels and a back massage. You will be cossetted in a pile of supporting cushions sitting forward while our therapists relieve tension and pressure in your back, specifically focusing on lower and mid back pain typical when the bump is gaining size and weight.

Pregnancy Mini Massage - 30 mins £45 - T2 T3
Focusing on your shoulders, neck, scalp and face this seated massage relieves tension from an aching upper back and provides clarity for the mind. Can be delivered clothed or on bare shoulders. Choose from either our rose bloom or sweet orange pregnancy body systems to perform the treatment.

Bump & Stretchmark Treatment - 30 mins £45 - T2 T3
Enjoy some tender loving care for your bump with a gentle rosehip scrub followed by rose petal and warm mitt removal. Pinks Boutique certified organic rose clay and rosehip mask is applied to nourish taut skin while you have either a head or lower leg massage. To complete, an omega fatty acid rich balm is applied to your bump to help prevent stretch marks. This treatment gives you time to bond with your baby and often your little one will come to the surface and touch back. Your therapist will encourage you to take over, giving advice on how best to apply products and how best to prevent stretch marks.

Lighter Legs - 30 mins £45 - T2 T3
The treatment begins with our pregnancy feet water ritual and scrub to help reduce swelling on tired and unhappy ankles. A cooling ladle rinse and chilled fruit and flower ice cubes remove the scrub while your feet relax on crystal stones and your toes are treated with fresh limes. Once you are comfortable and reclined on the bed our drainage massage will reduce swelling in the lower legs and take some pressure off your hardworking limbs. Our therapist will complete the treatment showing you some exercise and movements to do at home to help reduce the swelling in the later stages of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy Facial - 60 mins £80 - T2 T3
Ocha and rose creates a facial centred on hydration, skin repair and cellular renewal. Packed with anti-oxidants, whilst calming and being free from irritants and synthetics. Organic, safe for pregnancy, and blended to restore the natural balance during hormonal stress.

Mini Pregnancy Facial - 30 mins £45 - T2 T3

Post Natal (After birth)

Post Natal Wake Up Facial & Eye Revival - 60 mins £80
Your skin is cleansed and then treated with our renewing deep cleanse melt and exfoliation. Your therapist will refresh your tired, sleep deprived eyes with our cooling rose quartz eye revive massage. This soothes puffiness and rehydrates the delicate eye area whilst our exquisite rose oils relieve and relax tension and over tiredness. The anti-inflammatory properties will leave your eye area renewed. A full, relaxing shoulder and face massage is followed by a clay mask to plump and smooth the skin. Anti-ageing serum is always an option at the end if the last few weeks have felt like a lifetime!

Post Natal Massage - 60 mins £80
A personalised massage to ensure your post birth body is nurtured, tension and worries are dealt with avoiding any elements that still need to heal. Our pregnancy specialists will ensure if you are still breastfeeding that the positions are comfortable and that your body gets the 60 minutes of pure R&R that it deserves.

Post Natal Stretchmark Treatment - 30 mins £45
It is the 64-million dollar question as to whether you can get rid of stretch marks. Our therapists are trained in truth and any good professional would never promise so. However, there is countless evidence showing benefits of massage to scars and stretch marks, omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants and acting early while the marks are still red pre turning white. This massage will focus on any marked areas, drench them in the elite cold pressed organic anti-oxidant oils and teach you how to continue these rituals at home.