Men’s Facial - 60 mins £95
A custom treatment made for men. Because male skin has its own requirements and men have a preference for lighter products. Scented with Indian Lotus, emerginC’s men’s product line is light and fresh, but nonetheless packing all the antiageing peptides and active botanicals to be heavy on results. Our men’s facial consists of a two-part exfoliation system to remove dead skin cells while vitamins, minerals, peptides and botanical extracts improve tone, texture and address irritation associated with shaving, all while combating the visible signs of ageing skin.

Back Massage - 60 mins £80 / 30 mins £45
A deep, relaxing back massage which works to give instant relief to accumulated shoulder and neck tension. Using the unique Green & Spring techniques, muscles are kneaded until pliable, nerve endings are soothed and acupressure points stimulated to affect a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 mins £80
Feel muscular tension melt away with the deep, penetrating warmth of the hot, basalt lava stones as they work on knotted muscles and release trapped toxins and fluid by increasing circulation. This massage leaves the body feeling relaxed and is good for posture.

Therapeutic Massage - 60 mins £80
Combining a universal collection of massage techniques designed primarily to relax stubborn and persistent areas of tension. This technique is ideal for reducing both physical and emotional stress. The pressure can be varied to suit your taste and to work though knots and tension whilst stimulating essential oils and herbs increase circulation and aid relaxation.

Body Exfoliation - 30 mins £45
An all over body scrub using Green & Spring’s unique exfoliating body balm with sugar, beeswax and warming chamomile.