Spa treatments at Cowley Manor's C-Side Spa


A closer look at our treatments

We work with a number of renowned brands to bring you the best possible spa experience. Green & Spring is our own bath, body, and skincare range. You'll find some of our products in your rooms, but you can immerse yourself in the full, natural, relaxation experience in the C-Side Spa. We also work with Pinks Boutique for specialist pregnancy treatments, and we are excited to announce our new partnership with Proverb, who specialise in sports nutrition and men's treatments.

Green & Spring

The tradition of using herbs for health and beauty has a long history in the British Isles. Our very own bath, body, and skincare range, Green and Spring, has tapped into this rich legacy using the abundance of natural resources found locally at Cowley Manor and the surrounding British countryside, including the natural spring waters and herbs found in our grounds.

Working with holistic guru, Michelle Roques-O'Neill, our core holistic treatment range has been designed around the pillars of wellness and the Green and Spring way of life and use the highly aromatic Green and Spring oils and products to deliver deeply relaxing treatments, combining many ancient techniques.

Pregnancy Treatments

Hand blended in England and certified by the Soil Association, Pinks Boutique offer incredible pregnancy treatments and products that deliver results without the use of synthetic chemicals and fragrance, toxins, parabens, GM modifications, petroleums and mineral oils. Putting the health of you and your bump at the fore, Pinks Boutique treatments are designed to maximise health and wellbeing during pregnancy and after your new arrival.

Please note that all of our pregnancy treatments are suited to those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester (wk 13 onwards).

Treatments for Men

Specialising in the needs of male skincare, Proverb are an exciting company at the cutting edge of sports-inspired skin nutrition. Using only clear, active, natural, and organic ingredients that have been clinically proven to achieve transformational results, Proverb are at the forefront of skin and body treatments for men.