Spa treatments at Cowley Manor's C-Side Spa


A closer look at our treatments

We work with a number of renowned brands to bring you the best possible spa experience. Green & Spring is our own bath, body, and skincare range. You'll find some of our products in your rooms, but you can immerse yourself in the full, natural, relaxation experience in the C-Side Spa. We also work with Pinks Boutique for specialist pregnancy treatments, and we are excited to announce our new partnership with Proverb, who specialise in sports nutrition and men's treatments.


Complete Detox Wrap
90 mins £125
This treatment includes dry body brushing, followed by application of hot flax seed poultices to draw out toxins, a circulation boosting massage to release toxins and boost skin vitality. A moor mud and seaweed body mask follows and then a spiral foot massage & rosemary scalp massage to purify and soothe the mind. A final scrub is applied followed by a refreshing shower which leaves your skin feeling vibrant and toned.

Green & Spring Body Exfoliation
30 mins £45
An all over body scrub using the sugar from Green & Spring’s unique exfoliating body balm to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch.


Green & Spring Facial
60 mins £80 / 30 mins £45
Designed to repair and rejuvenate, the facial begins with a process of intense cleansing to stimulate and increase blood supply to the skin. This is followed by an energising scrub and secondary exfoliation with the unique Green & Spring Gentle Face Refiner which scavenges dead skin cells and brightens. Soothing local honey and skin-clarifying milk are massaged into the skin with a hot, herbal compress filled with lavender, calendula and wheatgerm to heal and remove toxins. A deep, toning and nourishing face massage is given followed by application of an antioxidant face mask to help heal, nourish and repair leaving the skin glowing and youthful.

Deep Cleansing Facial
60 mins £80
Designed for sluggish clogged skin, removing deeply embedded dirt and grime and to increase circulation, after a through steam and a double cleanse is followed by a stimulating scrub using unique green & spring facial scrub, then a gentle extraction of blackheads followed by a lift and tone massage. Next a drawing masque of clay, geranium, parsley and yarrow is applied, whilst this is on feet get some therapy to encourage a deeper detoxification with a unique spiral foot massage, masque removal is followed by a skin balancing acupressure massage, leaving the skin looking supple and healthy.

Hydrating Facial
60 mins £80
First the skin is cleansed twice and followed by a double skin refining process by followed by a skin quenching toning sequence; this is followed by a serum massage which includes lymph drainage and acupressure followed. A rich layer of mask enriched with rose, sea buckthorn and carrot oil is applied and covered with a fine layer of aloe vera to ensure the face soaks up all the benefits of the masque whilst this happens lie back and enjoy a deep relaxing scalp massage. The treatment finishes with the face being moisturised.

Repair & Restore Facial
60 mins £80
Using jade rollers & rose quartz, our Repair & Restore facial is taken from the longer signature Repair & Restore ritual. A combination of techniques are used to boost microcirculation and skin elasticity, along with the olive derived squalene found in the rich Repair & Restore product range from Green & Spring. The combination of the crystal rollers allows for the rich products to penetrate the skin deeply, and provide the best lymphatic drainage of all of our facials. A rejuvenating facial massage follows before an enriching mask is applied to clear toxins.

Proverb for Men

Proverb Stretch & Align Massage
60 mins £80 (Full body)
30 mins £45 (Back, Neck, Shoulders)
A stress and tension releasing treatment. Our therapists will work on your body using long stretch movements and use your body weight to increase manoeuvrability. Born from our experience in professional rugby training programmes combining sports massage and yoga. Performed using Bioactive organic sourced Proverb massage oils rich in elite sports nutritional anti- oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins.

Proverb Men’s Facial
60 mins £80
The Proverb 60 minute Pro Sports Spa Session takes the understanding and efficacy of sports nutrition and training and applies it to your skin. The facial uses elite nutritional sports ingredients certified clean, active, organic and natural. Our 360 approach restores and recharges you and your skin; you will be deep cleansed, exfoliated and massaged while essential omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants and powerful amino acids restore and fortify. The treatment is tailored for Hydration Pro or Oil balance depending on your skin type.

Proverb Back Treatment
60 mins £80
Beginning with a balancing electrolyte foot soak and scrub to relieve tension in lower legs and flush lactic acid. A back scrub with power grains from coconut and avocado stone then removes the dead skin, dirt and debris that cause congestion on this hard to reach skin. Elite sports nutritional anti- oxidants & omega fatty acids massage oils are then used to massage your upper body - back, neck, shoulders, chest and head. This treatment will help boost blood and endorphins to the brain and aim to combat tension areas and improve your health and mindset.

New Mums

Post Natal Stretchmark Treatment
30 mins £45
It is the 64-million dollar question as to whether you can get rid of stretch marks? Our therapists are trained in truth and any good professional would never promise so. However, there is countless evidence showing benefits of massage to scars and stretch marks, omega fatty acids, anti- oxidants and acting early while the marks are still red pre turning white. This massage will focus on any marked areas, drench them in the elite cold pressed organic anti-oxidant oils and teach you how to continue these rituals at home.


Green & Spring Back Massage
60 mins £80 / 30 mins £45
A deep, relaxing back massage which works to give instant relief to accumulated shoulder and neck tension. Using the unique Green & Spring techniques and hot stones, muscles are kneaded until pliable, nerve endings are soothed and acupressure points stimulated to affect a deep state of relaxation and well-being.

Green & Spring Massage
60 mins £80
A deeply relaxing body massage applied with Green & Spring unique therapeutic techniques including elements of acupressure and reflexology to release tension, balance and soothe the body.

Repair & Restore Massage
60 mins £80
A restorative body massage to nourish and repair the body whilst restoring needed energy. A combination of deeply nourishing techniques calm and release tension, boost micro-circulation, skin elasticity and condition skin.

Hot Stone Massage
60 mins £80
Feel muscular tension melt away with the deep penetrating warmth of the hot, basalt lava stones as they work on knotted muscles and release trapped toxins and fluid by increasing circulation. This massage leaves the body feeling relaxed and is good for posture.

Deep Massage
60 mins £80
Combining a universal collection of massage techniques designed primarily to relax stubborn and persistent areas of tension. This technique is ideal for reducing both physical and emotional stress. The pressure can be varied to suit your taste and to work though knots and tension whilst stimulating essential oils and herbs increase circulation and aid relaxation.

Signature Treatments

Green & Spring Indulgence
90 mins £125
Green & Spring taps into nature’s rich pharmacy to indulge not only the senses but the body. It begins with a foot soak and scrub, followed by a sensuous massage with hot herbal compresses filled with lavender, oats and lemon balm to soothe, moisturise and scent the skin. The final indulgence is a rejuvenating milk and honey facial - a sumptuous, natural treat.

Repair & Restore Ritual
90 mins £125
An enveloping ritual that works to repair body and mind. After each area is prepared, a warm herbal compress is applied and gently worked into the nerve pathways, clearing blocked energy, ensuring all ingredients are fully absorbed. Using a combination of techniques to boost micro-circulation, skin elasticity and release tension, the body is then cocooned whilst the face receives a rejuvenating massage, followed by an enriching mask to clear toxins and boost circulation.

Cloud 9 - Our original Signature Treatment
90 mins £110
A deeply relaxing, holistic massage which combines aromatherapy, Qi energy balancing, reflexology and acupressure leaving the whole body in a state of bliss. It works along the sensory pathways of the body using light to medium pressure to balance and nurture leaving you with an inner sense of tranquillity and indulgence.

Mums to be

Pregnancy Full Body Massage
60 mins £80
A relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage treatment with a focus on healing and body restoration. Let us nurture your body and bump using Pinks Boutique organic certified bioactive oils and balms to keep the skin supple and help prevent stretch marks with our antioxidants and essential fatty acids boost.

Pregnancy Back Massage
30 mins £45
A gentle, full back polish using crushed rosehip kernel or sweet orange salts followed by hot towels and a back massage. You will be cossetted in a pile of supporting cushions sitting forward while our therapists relieve tension and pressure in your back, specifically focussing on lower and mid back pain typical when the bump is gaining size and weight.

Pregnancy Mini Massage
30 mins £45
Focusing on your shoulders, neck, scalp and face this seated massage relieves tension from an aching upper back and provides clarity for the mind. Can be delivered clothed or on bare shoulders. Choose from either our rose bloom or sweet orange pregnancy body systems to perform the treatment.

Bump & Stretchmark Treatment
30 mins £45
Enjoy some tender loving care for your bump with a gentle rosehip scrub followed by rose petal and warm mitt removal. Pinks Boutique certified organic rose clay and rosehip mask is applied to nourish taut skin while you have either a head or lower leg massage. To complete, an omega fatty acid rich balm is applied to your bump to help prevent stretch marks. This treatment gives you time to bond with your baby and often your little one will come to the surface and touch back. Your therapist will encourage you to take over, giving advice on how best to apply products and how best to prevent stretch marks.

Lighter Legs
30 mins £45
The treatment begins with our pregnancy feet water ritual and scrub to help reduce swelling on tired and unhappy ankles. A cooling ladle rinse and chilled fruit and flower ice cubes remove the scrub while your feet relax on crystal stones and your toes are treated with fresh limes. Once you are comfortable and reclined on the bed our drainage massage will reduce swelling in the lower legs and take some pressure off your hardworking limbs. Our therapist will complete the treatment showing you some exercise and movements to do at home to help reduce the swelling in the later stages of your pregnancy.


Green & Spring

The tradition of using herbs for health and beauty has a long history in the British Isles. Our very own bath, body, and skincare range, Green & Spring, has tapped into this rich legacy using the abundance of natural resources found locally at Cowley Manor and the surrounding British countryside, including the natural spring waters and herbs found in our grounds.

Working with holistic guru, Michelle Roques-O'Neill, our core holistic treatment range has been designed around the pillars of wellness and the Green & Spring way of life and use the highly aromatic Green & Spring oils and products to deliver deeply relaxing treatments, combining many ancient techniques.

Pregnancy Treatments

Hand blended in England and certified by the Soil Association, Pinks Boutique offer incredible pregnancy treatments and products that deliver results without the use of synthetic chemicals and fragrance, toxins, parabens, GM modifications, petroleums and mineral oils. Putting the health of you and your bump at the fore, Pinks Boutique treatments are designed to maximise health and wellbeing during pregnancy and after your new arrival.

Please note that all of our pregnancy treatments are suited to those in their 2nd and 3rd trimester (wk 13 onwards).

Treatments for Men

Specialising in the needs of male skincare, Proverb are an exciting company at the cutting edge of sports-inspired skin nutrition. Using only clear, active, natural, and organic ingredients that have been clinically proven to achieve transformational results, Proverb are at the forefront of skin and body treatments for men.