Cowley Manor - Gloucestershire, GL53 9NL, United Kingdom

2016 Cowley Manor Arts Award

In partnership with The Royal College of Art

The Cowley Manor Arts Award is a sculpture competition, offering a unique insight into the emerging talents from the world-famous Royal College of Art.  The project partially funds both materials and tutoring, presents an opportunity for students to create a commercial commission, and places students and their work before an esteemed panel from the world of contemporary art.  This year seven submissions are on display in the grounds until September, alongside the previous four year’s winning pieces.

Winning submission ‘Untitled (Nature)’ by Marco Miehling

  • Cowley RCA 2016 © Amy Murrell-2

The 2016 finalists and their works include:

David Stearn 'Untitled Pensacola' - A re-siting of an American State Highway sign in the grounds of Cowley Manor.

Holly Hendry 'Pummel' - An interactive sculpture referencing a guest’s use of Cowley Manor as a place of relaxation and complete immersion.

Joel Chan 'A Cat Without a Grin, But Not a Grin Without a Cat' - A response to a Japanese Shunga painting from the British Museum, forming an interactive kinetic sculpture.

Marco Miehling 'Untitled (nature)' - A bronze cleat connected to a sunken raw metal object by rope, merging the controlled space (by man) with the unspoiled space of nature.

Natalia Skobeeva 'Encounter' - A short video where Lewis Carol meets and befriends not Alice but Godzilla in the grounds of Cowley Manor.

Nora Silva 'A Playground for Homo Ludens' - An interactive piece, forming a dysfunctional playground – by altering the rules of the game, the piece becomes active.

Paula Linke 'Summer of my life (set in stone)' - A Japanese Zen Garden with shower gel bottles covered in temporary tattoos.

  • Cat Grin
  • Pummel
  • Homo Ludens
  • Pensacola
  • Encounter
  • Summer of my life
  • Nature

To view the exhibition, please ask reception for a map of the grounds and a price list with further information.