• History of Malt


Sir James Horlick, the malted milk magnate, bought Cowley Manor in the 1890s and set about a vast building and landscape programme. The Main House was nearly trebled in size, doubling the façade of an existing and charming 1860s building and adding the West Wing and also an elaborate and enormous ballroom (which was later demolished) that would have sat to the side of what is now Malt.

The Stable Block was built to house Sir James’s magnificent coaches and horses, one of the finest in the Cotswolds. Over the course of three years, a thousand trees were planted every day on the estate, with a large number of glorious features – cascades, fountains, follies and statues – being set into the grounds during this period.

In keeping with Sir Horlick’s progressive spirit and vision, particularly for the wonderful grounds from which we now harvest and forage, Malt opened its doors at Cowley Manor late in the summer of 2015. Malted milk even makes its way onto the menu from time to time …