• RCA Sculpture

Existing Sculptures

Permanent displays within the grounds.

One of the original visions for Cowley Manor when we opened in 2002 was to support the work of young artists, artisans and craftsman. As part of this vision, The Cowley Manor Arts Awards, a sculpture competition in partnership with the renowned Royal College of Art, launched in 2012.

Now in its fifth year, the awards continue to offer emerging British talent the opportunity to showcase their work.

Winning pieces currently on display:

2012 – 'Hey' by Artist Wonwoo Lee
2013 – 'Cheese Rolling' by Artist Emily Price
2014 – 'Chicken Soup' by Artist Lucia Quevedo
2015 – 'Stolen Friend' by Artist Miguel Soto Karelovic
2016 – 'Untitled (Nature)' by Artist Marco Miehling

Other works on display:

2012 – 'Storm Petrels' by Renata Banderia